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        Wedding in the south of France

        Destination wedding photographer france, provence

        When An had her first approach from Emilie, it felt straight away very right and real.

        They talked for a while about about the wedding, all very natural, and Emilie explained that this happening would  take 3 days in the south of france.

        First day was at the official town hall of beautiful Marseillan, near the mediterranean.

        An met the couple only 30 minutes before they said yes, but she didn’t need any longer to feel welcome.  Emilie’s smile and words took everybody ‘s stress away…

        Not only her, but the whole family radiated such a positive vibe!

        She was dressed from head to toe in Jacquemus, with an oversized hat, and that was never seen before!

        Everybody was blown away with their styled appearance & happy smiles.

        You can have a look here..

        The wedding will be coming in another post, but you can admire some of them already at Ruban Collectif.


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