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        Lifestyle Shoot for Bellerose

        in an architectural paradise


        In addition of a former shoot with Bellerose, they contacted me again to shoot with a great fashion and travel influencer, Frecklesnur!

        With Burovelvet we left to Alicante, and to shoot in Ricardo Boffil’s awesome architecture. This place is called La Muraila Rioja, and it’s got a mind-blowing view at the sea. One side of this monument is in burgundy with orange tones, and if we walk in the outside patio it changes into allover pink! And than again, it all changes into royal blue.

        Working with a girl like Nuria, doesn’t really feels like work. She’s an amazing person, with a very relaxed open mind.

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        lifestyle shoot an lalemant frecklesnur in a pink architecture

        frecklesnur photographie par an lalemant